Meet the Longs


In February of 2015, Christina was informed that her employer of 14 years was going to leave Lynchburg.  Luckily they gave her 12 months notice to find something else to do. 

That August, they were vacationing on the Eastern Shore at one of their favorite camp grounds. While shopping in the quaint little town of Cape Charles (that they had considered moving to), their son-in-law asked what they would bring home from Cape Charles that they could do in Lynchburg.  Immediately, Christina thought of the adorable little tasting shop that they had previously visited. The family had so much fun sampling all the yummy products and mixing and matching the different flavors of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars. It was all they could do to get out of the shop without spending all of their vacation money.

The Monday Christina returned to work, she did a little research and, to her delight, found that there wasn't an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Shop in Lynchburg.  That evening she asked her husband, Jason, if he would be interested in starting their own business, specifically, a Gourmet Tasting Shop, and he said "Sure"!  Over dinner, they discussed all the items they wanted to include in their shop and Jason came up with a catchy name.  By the end of the week, Christina had secured an LLC for Favored Flavors. 

After a lot of long days and evenings, not to mention sleepless nights, they opened their little gem on November 11th, 2015, exactly three months after deciding to open their own business. For the next five months, Jason and Christina worked their full time jobs and manned the shop in the evenings and on weekends. Christina's job finally expired in March of 2016, at which time, they moved to their full time hours. In July of the same year, Jason was able to leave his job of 20 years to become a fulltime shop partner.

You can usually find Christina at the shop as Jason handles their marketing and festivals, but regardless of which ever one you meet, it's obvious they have a passion for their shop, jobs, and most of all for tasting! They love seeing the delight on their customer's faces when they sample their Perfect Pair of the month or taste one of their signature rubs. If you're not sure what to taste, they can help. So stop on by Favored Flavors, where you can "Taste Life to the Fullest"!