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A few things you should know...

When olive oil gets hot, it expands. This means that olive oil will push the cork out of its bottle and make a mess if it gets too hot. In addition, olive oil tries to solidify when it gets too cold, making it a bit unsightly, yet still tasty. Due to these concerns, during the summer heat and the winter cold, we will not allow our liquid products to be dropped off outside your home. Instead, we will require a signature at the time of delivery. We sincerely apologize for the extra step this causes but hope you understand that product satisfaction is our number one concern and we feel this is the best way to ensure the safety of your order. Thank you for your understanding. 

If you have a Favored Flavors gift card that you'd like to apply towards your purchase, please contact us directly, at 434-841-8246, as we will need to process your order manually. Thank you.