What is a Tasting Shop?

A Tasting Shop is exactly what it sounds like...a shop where you can taste everything! (Did I mention it's FREE!)

Favored Flavors is an Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and Spice shop that revolves around tasting the products in order to determine what flavors work best for you and your cooking style. We specialize in high quality infused Olive Oils from Spain and Tunisa and infused Balsamic Vinegars from Italy. We also offer flavor infused Sea Salts, Sugars, and a variety of Peppercorns from around the world. Here at Favored Flavors, you're encouraged to mix and match flavors to see what tantalizes your taste buds.  So, add a splash, a dash, or drizzle of gourmet to all your meals and favorite foods.  We also have unique items for gifting and personal use.