How to make a favored flavors favor

Pick Your Perfect Pair


Come in and sample all of our Gourmet Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars in order to pick the perfect combination.  We can assist you with pairing suggestions.

Pick Your Bag Color


We have a large selection of organza bags.  We're sure to have a color that matches your  theme.

Design Your Personal Card


We offer a wide range of card designs and we'll work closely with you in order to create the perfect statement for your special day. We'll also put some suggested uses for the oil and vinegar on the back of the card. 

Put It All Together


No worries...we'll take care of it!

Share The Love


So cute!

Contact Us For More Information



Please feel free to inquire about our private Olive Oil Tastings, Painting Parties, and Aromatherapy Wellness Workshops great for bridal showers, baby showers or any other special occasion.